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Surfboard Racking Systems

We have a new line of lockable and adjustable surfboard racks!

Flexible to suit a vertical or horizontal profile, the racks can come in Multibanx Systems designed for large residentials, commercial and group recreation facilities or individual UniBanx for your home.  Heights are also adjustable to be able to fit any size board. 

Made from high-quality powder coated aluminium and premium water-resistant fittings, these racks are made to last.  We can provide additional protective rubber matting, screening for extra security, combination code weatherproof locks and stainless steel protective tables for extra space to wax and care for your boards.

We will keep you posted on upcoming project photos & options as they come.  For now, please contact us for more details.


Safe & Secure location to store your boards


Rotating & Adjustable Heads to be able to store your boards in horizontal or vertical profiles at any height

Multibanx System

Boardbanx Mutilbanx Systems for your commercial needs or UniBanx for your home.

Need to Secure Your Boards...?

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