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Staircases can provide a unique centrepiece to a living space and is a creation that Acrux can deliver to perfection.
We specialize in the full production of spiral, floating and other varieties of grand staircases with balustrades in styles simple to extravagant.
We can also add unique features such as lighting and specialty handrails to add a custom touch.

Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases take particular technique and precision to create, something that Acrux does exceptionally well.

The spiral design work perfectly for those tricky little of areas, roof top access zones and grand indoor staircases and they can create a true centrepiece to a home. 

Hampton Style BalustradeHampton Style BalustradeModern Aluminium Balustrade
full production

Design, Fabrication & Installation

From the first stages of designing your staircase to the complex task of installation, we ensure the process is as streamline and stress-free as possible.

Floating Staircases

A modern & impressive entrance or centrepiece to any home.

We can provide the full package including design & regulation advise, fabrication and managing the tricky installation process.

Glass or rod balustrading is recommending to maintain the floating effect.

We can also add lighting effects, laser cut features, coloured or frosted glass or even add images to glass for a point of difference.

Staircase Structures

Acrux has you covered for all aspects of staircase creation.

We manufacture & install metal stringers, wooden or metal treads and a full array of balustrades, handrails & screens to complete the job & create the look you are after.

Stair Balustrades

Range of styles

Specialize in spiral, floating, rod & custom stair balustrade

Create a unique centrepiece to your living space

Add lighting effects, custom laser cut designs and handrails to your liking